Hi, I'm Kim...

I remember a day, not so many years ago when I was feeling defeated. I didn't understand my purpose and wasn't sure I even had one. I had a past that weighed me down and a future that I couldn't really see. I knew the Lord but didn't really believe he could or wanted to use me. Then one day I was getting dressed and I heard him say, "you have something to offer." I walked around my house saying out loud, " I have something to offer, I have something to offer, I have something to offer." I could hardly wrap my brain around these life filled words.

I knew what he meant in that moment, but those words would apply to so many things in my life yet to come. My blog and this shop are extensions of the words I heard so clearly years ago. I have the creativity he gave me to offer to the ladies who follow my blog. I have encouragement to offer you. I have products, courses, and a community to simplify and beautify your life when it seems ugly and hard everywhere else. I have my testimony to share. And I have no one to thank but God alone.

Friend - you too have something to offer. I promise if you let the Lord use you he will. It might get hard, it might be uncomfortable and you may not understand it completely, but it is a beautiful journey. Thanks for sharing in mine. I'm so glad you're here. XOXO, Kim