Terms of Service

Terms of Service

1. All digital sales are final, see return policy for physical products. All materials contained in this shop, Kim Pepper/Salvaged Living LLC are protected under copyright and trademark law. 

2. Usage License - for digital products you are granted the right to download and print one copy of downloadable material. The following also applies:

  • you may not sell this product
  • you may not manipulate this product to sell
  • you may not distribute this material for free
  • If you want to share materials with others, please share the link to purchase, not the actual material. 
  • you may not alter any form of this material and recreate it for commercial or duplicate use.  
  • you may not transfer rights to another person.
  • You agree Salvaged Living LLC contains proprietary content that is owned by the company and/or its licencors and is protected by copyright, trademark and other applicable intellectual property laws. Duplicating, sharing or uploading product files to sharing sites is considered stealing, and the company will prosecute such misconduct to the fullest extent permitted by law

3. Errors - the products in this shop could contain errors of grammatical , typography, technical or other errors. While we make every effort not to, we are human. Materials are bought as is. We will make every effort to correct errors if and when possible, but this is not guaranteed. 

4. Payment is required in full at the time of purchase. If an error occurs in payment processing and your account remains in delinquent status for longer than sixty (60) days, we reserves the right to report any delinquent balance owed to a credit reporting bureau and/or collections agency subject to the company's sole discretion until the account is caught up and in good standing.

5. Technical Support - We offer no technical support besides the basic download instructions given. There are just too many variables and types of equipment, plus we are not technical gurus! Google has lots of answers so you may try there. 

6. Return policy

7. Discount Codes/Freebies - Discounts and freebies make us so happy. Please note you may only use one code per transaction. If you forget to add a discount code to your transaction we consider that user error and can not refund you. If you miss the discount code or freebie window, we are so sorry. If you really love it you will need to purchase and stay on the lookout for the next discount code. There will be more!

8. Affiliate Disclosure - Salvaged Living LLC is part of multiple affiliate programs. This means should you make a purchase through an affiliate link, we may make a small commission, your price stays the same. We only suggest products we genuinely love and use and think would help make your experience better. A few examples are: 

Amazon - (I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program)